wonder woman (patty jenkins, 2017)

idk how ppl start these things but basically, i took myself to see the new wonder woman yesterday. if you know me, you’ll know that for no good reason, i’m a DC stan. i mean, i have no particular care for comics or the superhero world in general but wonder woman has been my fav since day 1. well, wonder woman and spider-man (espesh 2002 tobey maguire spider-man, a classic!!) anyway, thanks to batman v superman: dawn of justice & suicide squad, both of which i LOVED i’ve been very taken by DC recently. before you go thinking i’m a dickhead for enjoying the aforementioned films, plz know my only real reason for this is that marvel just seems to churn out the same old cookie cutter crap?? and there’s a limit to how much of that cookie cutter crap i can take. but i digress, wonder woman. i’ve loved her since my early teens; buying t-shirts and mugs and even a rly retro tin lunchbox from urban outfitters which cost like Β£15 to fill the void that hollywood didn’t.

naturally, i was well happz when i found out she was finally getting her own film. but then i found out that gal gadot was gna play her and i was like… okay….. that doesn’t make any sense but okay… and then next thing you know, i’d just lost the buzz. not to get political etc but SOZ how can you cast a zionist as the woman playing wonder woman lol? i know the actor isn’t the character, etc (DUH) but it’s the principle? put her performance to the side (which was actually, it pains me to admit, very good) and at its core, gadot is essentially a *failure* as ww; she’s everything diana doesn’t believe in and fights against?! i’m jumping ahead but there’s a scene in the film where a town rescued by the characters is later attacked by the bad guys; it’s a pretty shot lol but diana is just standing there, surrounded by poisonous orange gas looking heartbroken that these innocent ppl could be murdered like that and i just… the fucking irony…… it made no sense to me and i snapped right back into my ‘why the fck did they cast a zionist as wonder woman’ mode. long story short, we deserved a wonder woman who was on the same level as white prince ben affleck t-b-h

for the most part though, i managed to put those grumbly thoughts aside and you know what, i LOVED this film so much. it was everything i wanted from a ww film, patty jenkins rly came thru and i’m so glad bc there’s no way in hell this film would’ve come out anywhere near as good if there’d been a dude behind the camera (like hello no male gaze, love it!!!) not to be a basic bitch but ten mins in and i was LIVING; watching all the amazon warriors train on this v aesthetically pleasing island, doing spinning kicks in the air and shooting flaming arrows and generally just being badass, 10 out of fucking 10. i honestly could’ve just watched three hours of them living their life on that island… fuck, i’d move to that island!! sadly though, the film wasn’t all set in ‘themyscira’ and it’s not that i didn’t enjoy the film from steve (hello chris pine, excellent casting choice) and diana arriving in london, i just spent a lot of time wondering whether perhaps i’d have enjoyed a story about diana and the amazons on their island more? (the answer is yes btw)

back in london though, can you believe they showed south asian soldiers just bobbing around town?? i can’t even remember the last time i saw south asian soldiers portrayed in a film about war in britain, so kudos to patty jenkins for trying to be a lil more diverse w her cast. there were native american and arab characters in supporting roles too; both of whom talked about their struggles, albeit briefly, which was just… idk, it was nice. not their struggles obvs but giving characters like that the space and screen time to have that conversation… we need more of that.


the pacing is surprisingly solid too. pacing is a big thing w DC films and i feel like 8/10 times they fuck it up (see: man of steelsuicide squad) but this worked pretty well. with the exception of the last 20 mins or so, another issue DC has… actually, marvel has this too, poor guys. they just can’t seem to get to grips w executing a decent and not overly clichΓ©d final fight scene? but i guess it’s not an easy thing to put together, so i’ll let it slide. one ‘fight scene’ – if you can call it that – which i did massively enjoy though, was the one that took place across no man’s land. in hindsight, it’s just completely absurd to have one of the best fight scenes to take place in the trenches but goddamn, it works. i would have happily watched diana shield off multiple bullets and dropkick guys to the floor for hours!!

my only gripe would be the way the whole ares / villain thing played out… idk if i want to do spoilers?? yeah, gna do spoilers soz. so the reveal of ares was great, i was lowkey shook and somehow totally didn’t see it coming?? but the character’s progression didn’t feel smooth enough for me to be satisfied, that transition from good to bad was weak, especially when professor lupin becomes the bad guy. i love david thewlis but he just wasn’t quite up to scratch as a mythical god of war. speaking of weak, dr poison as the villain… was she the villain? who was the villain? you know what, i still don’t know who the villain was? obvs it makes sense that she was but then the evil german dude danny huston played is a contender too and then ares, obvs. not v clear, am not impressed… what’s a superhero movie without a villain, right?

actually, speaking of things i didn’t like, i couldn’t help but internally groan when diana pretty much destroyed ares AFTER realising that steve loves her or w/e. all the sound comes back and she suddenly has a ‘love conquers all’-esque epiphany – which, to be fair – is the premise of the film… kinda BUT i just couldn’t stomach her final surge of power (if you will) essentially being attributed to a man, after a whole 2 hours on unapologetic girl power?!! but anyway, those were my long and disorganised thoughts… clearly i’m going to need to work on this whole film blog thing (i’m pretty sure my film tutors from uni would want to kill me after reading this) but to conclude, see the film. it’s surprisingly funny, it’s empowering w/o trying to be and quite frankly, it’s one of the best things to come out of the DC cinematic universe yet!


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